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"A Trail Horse IS A Performance Horse" (TM)
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Performance Trail Horse Training

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Quarter Horses: Trail, Cutting, Reining

What is a Performance Trail Horse?

"A Trail Horse IS A Performance Horse"

At Live To Ride, we believe that your trail horse has to be better trained than any show horse.  Your horse has to be "on" and connected to you longer than any show horse does and your horse has to do, so while you are socializing, negotiating rugged terrain, and encountering various obstacles and animals.  So if you don't think your trail horse needs to be fit emotionally, mentally, AND physically, you had better think again!  A confident, calm, and willing partner  will keep you safe while you enjoy your ride.

Angie will help you take your horsemanship to a new level with easy, consistent horse training methods that will keep you safe while trail riding.  Everyone is a horse trainer whether you are professional or not.  Every time you touch your horse you are either teaching it or un-teaching it so why not have a plan?  Attend a trail riding clinic or private session and enjoy the trail even more!  If you would like to get your horse a little farther along and learn how to be his or her leader during that process, reserve a spot now with Angie in beautiful Tennessee at her farm!  Your horse can also be exposed to reining and cutting if that is in your future plan.

You will learn the skills you need to continually improve your horse so he or she becomes a perfect partner and a Performance Trail Horse...and very possibly a performance show horse as well!

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