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Demos and Appearances

Equine Affaire 2013

Jenny will be joined by her friend, Lisa Bonner, to present for the Ohio Horseman's Council on Sunday, April 14th - 10:00am-10:45am - Cosequin Demo Ring (Celeste Center)
Keeping You & Your Horse Safe on the Trail 

3/6/11 I joined some other natural horsemanship advocates for a demonstration at Stanleyville Stables in Marietta, OH. 

3/8/11 The over 20 students of the Hocking College Farm Management class visited Windy Hills Farm in Athens, OH where I joined farm owners, Jackie Fokes & Gerry Hilferty in a demonstration of natural horsemanship.

3/30/11 I spoke to over 20 seventh and eighth graders during Career Day at Federal Hocking Middle School in Stewart, OH.  I love reaching out to the youth and planting the seeds about good horsemanship!  I only wish I had known a career like this existed at that age!  I hope we get at least one good clinician out of the bunch someday and a whole lot of kinder, gentler horsemen and women!

4/3/11 The new natural horsemanship based 4-H club in Athens, Equine Partners will be joining my friend, Jackie, and I for a demonstration and simulations of horse games.

10/ 15/11  Watch for my Trail Demo at Ohio Qtr Horse Congress in the Cooper Arena at 5 pm!



Some Appearances Prior to 2011

2010 Jenny offered 3 demonstrations per day at the Ohio Lake Farmpark Horse Fest in Concord, OH during their May celebration!

2009 Live To Ride offered demonstrations on Rod's Paddock at the Ohio Equine Affaire in April!

2009 Live To Ride offered "Ride With the Best" Clinics at the MA Equine Affaire in November!


Where is Jenny riding now in 2012?

With the great weather so far this winter, I have been getting in some nice road rides, small trail rides, and arena training.  Loving it!

I have been having a blast this summer camping with my  horses and handing out info/ samples from our sponsors to trail riders all around.  I also enjoyed 2 great polo lessons at Culver Family Camp in Culver IN...definitely a sport I want to learn more about!

Where is Jenny riding now in 2011?

July 15-18

I spent 4 wonderful days camping with Taz at Salt Fork State Park and Barkcamp State Park in Ohio along with some of my friends of the Lorain County Chapter of the Ohio Horseman's Council.  We had a such great weather and a wonderful time!  The views from the trails at Salt Fork are just spectacular of the lake...power boats zipping by, kids tubing, water skiing, jet skis, fishermen, etc.  It's very pretty.  The big blue loop at Barkcamp was nice, too.

May 28- June 1

Spent 5 days learning a ton more about natural horsemanship from 6-Star Parelli Professional, Carol Coppinger, at the Ranch OutBack in Port Clinton, OH.  Fabulous experience...both affirming and challenging.  What a great opportunity.  I will repeat it next year!


Enjoyed 2 great days of Trail Riding at Smoke Rise Ranch & Resort in Glouster, OH!

April 18 Hoosier Horse Park, IN

After over 5 hours of traveling to arrive at the Horse Park, I enjoyed showcasing Taz in the IN America's Favorite Trail Horse Audition for the American Competitive Trail Horse Association's new reality show that will take place in TX in May.  We are still awaiting the results...did we make it to the top 100 from thousands of horses nationwide?  

Dang!  I guess they didn't think we would make interesting enough TV!  It sure was fun trying, though, and Taz and I covered some new ground and filled in some holes while we were preparing!  Also, my husband came along we had a great time camping together for the first time in a long time!

March 19 Smokerise Ranch & Resort

Spent a wonderful sunny day with great friends and NEW friends at Smokerise Ranch & Resort in Glouster, OH riding the roads & trails.  I also took a cow clinic with Ranch owner, Lynn Semingson as part of his spring tune up program.  This was the 2nd time I have ridden Taz since Sept since I was trying to see if rest would improve his hind end chronic issue...hasn't seemed to make a big difference so we are riding again and starting to build up his muscle again!

Home Farm

Enjoyed a beautiful day with a few friends riding and clearing trails on our own 200 acre farm on Sunday, March 20th.

Competitive Excitement!

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