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Camping Check List

Trailer, Horse Camping Packing List!



o       Table and lawn chairs

o       Firewood/papers/lighter/ lighter fluid

o       Grill/ propane tank

o       Fill water/propane tanks

o       Check tires/ batteries

o       Highline/tree savers/swivel clips/ hay bags

o       Stepstool

o       Hose/sprayer/ hose splitter so can hook hose and trailer to water line

o       Hose adapters/ washers/ water pressure “gadget” a must!

o       Rubber gloves

o       AC adapter

o       Fans

o       Electric extension

o       Tools

o       Flashlight

o       Flat tire ramp/ proper lug nut 4 way tool for trailer tires!  Truck one didn’t work for me!

o       Party Lights!


o       Two sets keys

o       Maps

o       Health cert/coggins

o       Check tires/oil/hitch

o       GPS

 Grooming equipment

o       Sponges

o       Leather cleaner

o       Fly spray

o       Hay Bags

o       Feed/water buckets

o       Stall cleaning equip

o       Towels

o       Fly masks/sheets/cooler

o       Liniment/ Equilite’s SORE NO-MORE®

o       Easy boots

o       Pro Choice SMBs

o       Rolling manure cart & muck tub

o       Mane & Tail


o       Saddles/saddle pads

o       Bareback pad

o       Head gear

o       Lines, Stick/string & Rope Halter

o       Breast collars

o       Saddle bags *

o       Extra halters/leads

o       Spurs


o       Hay

o       Grain

o       Salt

o       Treats

o       Electrolytes


o       Clothes

o       Book/ bible?

o       Dvds if have a player

o       Toiletries:  keep this and make up on trailer so never have to pack it

o       Raingear

o       Hats/gloves

o       Boots/shoes/flip flops after a long hot day in boots (plus shorts!)

o       Jackets

o       Meds/ibuprophen

o       First aid for horse/human

o       Camera/video

o       Sun block

o       Water bottles

o       Toilet bowl brush

o       Shower cap in case don’t wash hair!

 Living Quarters

o       staples-coffee/sugar/flour/salt pepper

o       paper towels/ shop towels

o       biodegrade t.p.

o       towels

o       bedding

o       Clorox wipes/lysol

o       Soap/shampoo

o       Dishsoap/sponges/dish rag

o       Plates/cups/silverware/nice glass mugs for coffee makes a difference!

o       Wisk broom/dustpan

o       Thermos

o       Cooking pots/pans strainer/ cast iron to put on grill or fire

o       Can opener

o       Wine opener

o       Dishtowels/dish pans

o       Zip locks, foil, plastic tubs, plastic salad bowl etc

o       Hot pads

o       Lighters/matches

o       Grilling tongs/forks/marshmellow forks

o       Throw rugs

o       Table lamp/lantern

o       Bug spray

o       Citronella candle

o       Cds, battery radio in case no electric hook up

o       Perculator in case no electric hook up.

o       Toothpicks

o       Trailer Mat for outside under awning

o       Party Lights

 Saddle bags:

o       GPS or compass

o       Sample sized Sore No More liniment & fly spray

o       Vet Wrap, antibiotic ointment

o       Leatherman tool

o       Barefoot boot

o       Food, water

o       Forage First treats for horse

o       Piece of leather, snaps to repair gear

o       Sunscreen, lip balm, nail file

o       Whistle or flare

o       Map of park

o       Pen, paper, business card

o       Flagging tape

o       Phone number for park office


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