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Performance Trail Horse Training

Teaching, Writing, Speaking, Demos, Competitive Trail Judging, and more!

Quarter Horses: Trail, Cutting, Reining

Live To Ride Performance Trail


2012 will continue to offer new turns in our journeys as Horsewomen. 

Angie Ferrell heads up her operation at Ferrell Performance Horses from her Farm in Lexington, TN.   

Watch for her out on the never know when you will run into her!

Angie will offer an occasional  newsletter for the goings on at her farm in TN and will write for magazines such as AQHA America's Horse, Trail Blazer, Holistic Horse, and  The Mid-South Horse Review.

 Jenny Lance, continues to support the Live To Ride Performance Trail Horse program with contributions to the national magazines listed above and as a FEATURED WRITER for The Horseman's Corral.  In 2012, Jenny will mainly be enjoying her horses and sharing her knowledge on the trail at horse campouts and trail rides throughout Ohio and the mid-west region.  She hopes to see you on the trail! 



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